Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday 6/06/2009

The first set of bags was just stuff from within a mile of our house. We live right by the schools and not many people seem to be teaching their kids what a trash can is, or what it's purpose is. The beer bottles are probably from adults, or teenagers at least.

This is the first dump site of the morning drive. It does not look like much, it is quite spread out. Matt cleaned up and down this ravine and along the road.

The tire was all the way at the bottom of the ravine. It wasn't easy to roll up the hill, but getting it on top of the pile in the truck was harder. He had to "Iron Man" flip this thing in there.

We don't have a short cab, or a small truck. This load was about 700lbs. and consisted of a lot of concrete, tiles, general rubbish and the tire.

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