Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

This morning was like most Saturday mornings recently. I woke up in an empty bed. Normally this might bother me, but I am married to a man on a mission. Matt has been out in the desert surrounding this wonderful little town we live in collecting trash. It is sad that this is even required, but some people are just so inconsiderate of anything or anyone they feel entitled to drop their crap anywhere they please. I am sure these are the same people I see throwing trash into Lake Mead, or out the window on the highway. I for one am outspoken enough to say something, but I see people just walk past oblivious to it all.

OK, so I got sidetracked. Today Matt collected 840lbs. of trash. Yes, you read that right 8-4-0 eight hundred forty pounds of trash. He filled the back of our truck up twice. He is becoming a regular at the BC dump.

Just beginning the first load, mostly organic palm clippings, also carpet and other debris.
He even rakes over the area to try and get ALL the little fibers than DO NOT belong.
Full to the top and beginning to overflow

At the dump (which is open all hours--we wish these people would utilize it!)
If you've ever seen one of these containers, you know how large they are and this one was empty before Matt made the first deposit.
He did make another run, but the batteries on the camera went dead (which he handed to a worker to be disposed of properly). He has promised to take the camera with him so I can post before and after pictures of the areas he has cleaned as well. I am in awe, he takes a great deal of pride in the area where he grew up. We just wish more of the several million in the valley did too.
P.S. If you would like to help one day, or would like your clean up story posted here, please email me at: include pictures if you have them.

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